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Terms of Use

Thank you very much for your inquiry on TSUNAMI Violin Project – The Bonds Made of One Thousand Tones.
This project is aiming at a relay by one thousand performers from the world playing the violin (TSUNAMI Violin) which was made of driftwood from houses and “A Pine Tree of Miracle” (Kiseki-no-ippommatsu) in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, which was demolished by Big East Japan Earthquake. Through performances by one thousand people, we pray for the deceased, hoping memories of the disaster not to fade out, and support the revitalization of the region with the power of music.
Before your using the instrument, we ask you to understand and agree to the following terms of use. Then we will ask you to join our project.

  1. This is not a profit-making project. We refuse the use of the instrument as a tool for profit-making events and/or gathering customers. We loan the instrument only to individuals and groups who agree to the objective of this project.
  2. There is no limitation of genre of music, whether pro or amateur, age and level of techniques of performers to join.
  3. When holding your event with the instrument, please explain why the instrument was made and the outline of this project on promotion handbills and/or pamphlets, etc. We are ready to provide you with photos of TSUNAMI instruments and their logo if necessary. We have also prepared an 8 min movie DVD with hearts for making the instruments and for instruments themselves. Please make use of them for audience’s deeper understanding.
  4. The instrument should be handed to you and be returned at Nippon Violin Co., Ltd. (Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku), who manages all of the instruments. We will appreciate it if the instrument is received and returned by hand of a person who is well-experienced in handling string instruments.
  5. The name, date, place, organizer and performer(s) of your concert/event are to be recorded and be used as published reference on our Website and/or facebook.
    Considering the goal of the project, let us limit the project participants to groups, individuals and performers whose information can be published.
  6. For your use of the instrument, we ask for your support of 30,000 yen or more for our activities. It is for the fund for management, maintenance and replacement of consumables of the instruments. We will appreciate it if we have your understanding and cooperation.
    ※ The loan period is principally four night, five days.