“The Bonds Made of One Thousand Tones” Project

This is a project where “TSUNAMI VIOLIN,” with people’s mourning the deceased and hopes for revitalization on its sound, is played and handed over in a relay by one thousand violinists. 

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, no matter what genre you play other than classical, one thousand tones resound all over the world, handing over hopes for revitalization. 

Senbazuru: one thousand pieces of paper cranes, and Senjukannon: one thousand armed Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. The Japanese have used the number of one thousand (“sen” in Japanese) when making a wish from the bottom of their hearts since their ancient times.  

The Great East Japan Earthquake is said to be the worst disaster in these one thousand years. 
In this project, we interpret the number of “sen” as a symbol of hope, producing a relay to hand over people’s thoughts and memories of the disaster, for continual support and continual appeal for support. This is our objective. 

Before one thousand performers’ tones are absorbed into TSUNAMI VIOLIN and the project sees a complete attainment, it will take a long time as the instruments themselves make their own history.

TSUNAMI VIOLIN is traveling around the world today, handed over from performer to performer, hoping that the revitalization of the disaster areas will be completed.